Voices of Fashion on Mental Health Program


WORKSHOP 1 - Development and Understanding of Mental Health and Safe Guarding within Talent Management


This workshop will help talent managers to improve their professional and personal development by being better equipped to recognise, understand and find treatment for mental health and addictive disorders.

From personal experience, it can be particularly challenging to work with talent as they can often be of a sensitive and perhaps vulnerable predisposition and due to the nature of their work and environment, be more likely to experience mental health issues.  

This workshop is about equipping the participants with an understanding of basic mental health and addiction issues that may affect their clients and equipment them with information to make better evaluations and information on how to seek help.

Chula Goonewardene, Clinical Director, Psychotherapist, Operations Manager & Senior Counsellor - Steps2Recovery & CM Therapy
Samantha Parker, Co-founder / Specialist Mental Health & Wellbeing Consultant to the Music Industry - Parker Consulting & Music Support


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