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Jun 12, 2017

The Crisis Of Credibility In Addiction Treatment: And What Constitutes Credibility Anyway?

Dr Tim Leighton
Tim is Director of Professional Education and Research at Action on Addiction, and has worked in the addiction field for over 30 years, as counsellor, counselling trainer,...

Discussion Panel on outcomes and practice

• What is Outcomes Informed Treatment?

• The Challenge of bridging the gap between Research and Treatment

• The Crisis of Credibility in Treatment

• The Need to measure Quality in Treatment

• The Challenge of 12 step and science immersion

• Challenges in measuring outcomes

• Providing Client Driven Care

This discussion panel on outcomes and practice looks, discusses, and answers on the increasing need to demonstrate programme efficacy and competition for limited resources, many addiction treatment programmes have developed a renewed interest in collecting outcomes.

John Trolan Chief Executive Nelson Trust, trained at Kings College, with a MSc in Mental Health Studies, alongside management and leadership at Ashridge Business School and the Sir Christopher Harding Leadership Programmeme.

Abigail Cooper is the Director of Knowledge Management for Addaction. Her role involves; performance management, implementing business planning processes, information governance and equality and diversity strategy work.

Tim Leighton is Director of Professional Education and Research. The Centre for Addiction Treatment Studies (CATS) Action on Addiction.

Noel McDermott (Moderator) is a specialist Psychotherapist, his professional expertise spans three decades of work in Social Services, the NHS, Community and Voluntary and Private sectors.