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Jul 29, 2018

Spiritual Culture, Wisdom and Practice: Incorporating the Sacred Into Treatment

Rev Jack Abel
Rev. Jack Abel, MDiv, MBA is Senior Director of Spiritual Care for Caron Treatment Centers. In this role, he leads Caron’s integrated spiritual care team and speaks for Caron...

Rev Eyglo Bjarnadottir
In a career that spans over two decades and multiple countries, Rev. Eyglo has dedicated her life’s work to helping individuals recover from the disease of addiction. Born in...

Rev Abel leads an integrated spiritual care team for Caron Treatment Centers and speaks for Caron on spirituality in addiction and other behavioural health care. He is an ordained minister in good standing in the United Church of Christ and a summa cum laude graduate of Wesley Theological Seminary. A separate engagement with spiritual background, sources of authority, and methods or “spiritual practice” is a luxury few treatment providers can afford. When present, it is often partial, adjunct, or secondary. But, human beings are shaped by their cultural and communal experiences, including story and heritage. How does one assess the relevance of cultural/religion/spirituality? How does one identify sources of spiritual authority for a client or family system?

What are the categories and varieties of spiritual practice that are most helpful and readily integrated in addiction care, and how can they be adapted to fit particular context and needs? This session will explore each of these questions and more.