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Jun 12, 2017

Relieve Stress: Informed By Hypno-Psycho Therapy

In this workshop Elizabeth presents an overview of the psychophysiology of stress specific to addictive behaviours – with attention to the ANS – autonomic nervous system (fight or flight) and the importance of stress-reduction in the distinct stages of addiction recovery: intervention, holistic therapies treatment plan, stress-reduction, task-setting and sustainable self-care. When we practice compassionate meditation, we are acknowledging the universality of wanting to be happy, valued and accepted. We learn to slow down the frequency of our thinking and feelings by witnessing the range of our emotions differently. The workshop intention is to: identify relapse and self-sabotaging triggers; how to build resilience, and restorative disciplines that reduce stress. In addition to the presentation, you will be held every step of the way as Elizabeth takes you through a hypnotherapy body-oriented psychotherapy process: you will feel safe, comfortable, calm, and relaxed.

Elizabeth Hearn is an international broadcaster, speaker, and workshop facilitator and has worked in the addiction eld since 1988 specialising in healthy relationships, stress-management, and leadership coaching. She trained as an addictions counsellor at PROMIS-UK in 1991. Later working as an Addictions Therapist at SOUTH PACIFIC & WARBURTON - Australia. She is a former faculty member at Jansen Newman Institute and Vice President of N.A.D.A.C. (Sydney).