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May 20, 2019

Psychedelic Assisted Treatment in Addiction: New Kid on the Block or Old Hat?

Sarah Flowers
Dr Sarah Flowers has extensive experience working in a variety of inpatient and community settings in and around London. Dr Sarah Flowers is proficient in managing the range...

Charlotte Parkin
Charlotte has been a therapist at the Priory since 2014. She started on the addiction unit at North London where she worked with a multi-disciplinary team to run a specialist...

Sarah Flowers and Charlotte Parkin presenting at iCAAD London 2019.

What does the future hold for abstinence-based recovery? There is new wave of medication on the horizon to treat addiction which includes the psychedelics: ketamine, MDMA & psilocybin. Currently in the UK there are mainstream clinical trials in which alcoholics are treated with MDMA. In 2021 this will be a licensed treatment and may be much more widely available option.