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Jul 22, 2018

When Is Sexual Behaviour a Lifestyle Choice and When Is It an Addiction?

Paula Hall
Paula Hall is Clinical Director of the Laurel Centre, the UK’s largest provider of specialist treatment services for sex and porn addiction and training for professionals....

Dr Stephen Higgins
Dr Stephen Higgins, DClinPsych., C.Psychol. Steve is a Clinical Psychologist working in NHS and private practice across addictions, sexual health & HIV, and people living...

This presentation will explore the challenges faced when working with people with diverse sexual lifestyles,

including those within ChemSex communities. How do we work with people who know their sexual behaviour, and co-current drug use, is causing them problems, but do not want to be labelled an addict or follow one of the traditional treatment approaches? During this presentation Paula Hall and Dr Stephen Higgins will explore the unique needs of people within the ChemSex community and how we as addiction professionals can help them break unwanted, compulsive behaviours. The session will explore the importance of working affirmatively with GSRD (Gender, Sexual, Relationship Diverse) individuals and consider what ‘positive sexuality’ may mean for them. It will also explore how using the CHOICE model of recovery can help therapists focus on future gains, rather than loss and secure confident recovery.