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May 30, 2018

Criminal Justice Diversion Into Drug or Alcohol Treatment - How Are We Doing?

Mike Trace
Mike Trace, CEO, Forward Trust. Following a period of 12 years doing front line work with the homeless, drug users and prisoners, Mike held the post of Deputy UK Drug ‘Czar’...

Jac Charlier
Eng: Jac Charlier is the National Director for Justice Initiatives at the Centre for Health and Justice at TASC. He specializes in finding solutions to reduce crime and drug...

For over 20 years, a key UK drug strategy objective has been to identify people with drug problems in police stations, courts and prisons, and encourage them to accept treatment to address their addictive and criminal behaviours. Over the same period in the US, there has been widespread development of Drug Courts that have the same objective. This session will consist of a panel conversation and facilitated discussion between Mike Trace (Former UK Deputy Drug Czar, and current CEO of Forward Trust) and Jac Charlier (Director of PTAC - a US coalition of agencies promoting pre-trial diversion) that addresses the following questions:

• To what extent, with hindsight, were these policies and programmemes well implemented?

• Did they achieve their objectives of reducing drug related offending, and getting more people into recovery?

• Are the current mechanisms for diversion working well?

• What should happen next - in the USA and the UK?