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Jul 1, 2018

Recovery Coaching: Bridging the Gap Between Treatment & Life

Mark Drax
Mark is an Addiction Recovery Coach, trained in England and America and based in London. He turned his experiences with early trauma and addiction into a coaching practice...

There are 168 hours in a week: what does an addict in early recovery do to maintain sobriety and emotional connection during the 167 hours not spent in the company of a therapist? ‘AA’ started in the US in 1935: since then and thanks to advances in neuroscience among many other things, we now know that just saying ‘Stop It’ is not enough. Addicts need support; to get into recovery, to learn what recovery is all about and then to learn to live in recovery for the rest of their lives. Treatment centres are safe environments when compared to the emotional challenges that await people returning to life whilst trying to apply what they have learned in a manner to ensure safety and growth. The big challenge is to bridge the gap between leaving treatment and living a healthy life. Who else, apart from therapists, can help clients progress through those other 167 hours each week- well trained, empathetic Recovery Coaches.