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Jul 29, 2018

What Can the Past Teach Us About the Future of Addictions Counselling?

Dr Tim Leighton
Tim is Director of Professional Education and Research at Action on Addiction, and has worked in the addiction field for over 30 years, as counsellor, counselling trainer,...

Katherine Jenkins
Katherine has a BSc in psychology and criminology from Staffordshire University, and an MSc in applied forensic psychology from the University of Leicester. Her therapeutic...

The presentation and workshop will be a participatory session discussing the future of addictions counselling, and how decades of experience can inform best practice whilst also combining cutting edge research and treatment methods. Addictions counselling with individuals, couples, families and groups has become more complex and challenging. How can we define and describe the training and qualifications needed to ensure the best practice and the most effective interventions? What is the relationship between the quality framework and the therapeutic work? The workshop will explore tensions that arise in practice as experienced by the audience, and suggest ways to get the training, support and continuing professional development you need. Tim and Katherine will be encouraging the audience to share their own thoughts and ideas.