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Jun 29, 2018

The Utility of Multiple Psychosocial Treatments in Pain Recovery

Dr James Flowers
Dr Flowers is one of the most familiar and respected names in the area of multidisciplinary chronic pain and addiction treatment, and functional restoration pain programmes...

In this programme, Dr. Flowers will highlight a suggested shift from epidemic opioid prescribing practices for patients with chronic pain, to a multidisciplinary pain recovery programme model of treatment. Based on evidence summarised in multiple systematic reviews, it is now clear that opioid therapy is not indicated for the long-term treatment of most chronic pain disorders. At the same time, long-term opioid exposure substantially increases the risk for problematic opioid use, addiction, and overdose. Dr. Flowers will approach this from the perspective of a residential chronic pain rehabilitation and an outpatient pain recovery programme. Special attention will be paid to the psychosocial characteristics that contribute to different responses to pain, as well as the potential utility of multiple psychosocial treatments over the course of the pain recovery programme model. Case studies will also be presented by Dr. Flowers.