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Jun 30, 2019

Addiction Treatment: What New Medical Treatments Does the Future Hold?

Dr Mike McPhillips
Dr Mike McPhillips is a leading authority on the treatment of psychiatric and addictive disorders, and is dually-qualified in General Adult Psychiatry and Addictions...

Dr Mike McPhillips presenting at iCAAD London 2019.

Consultant psychiatrist Dr Mike McPhillips has over twenty five years of clinical experience in medicine, psychiatry and addictions psychiatry. He is passionate about examining the latest treatments, research and evidence in the addictions field. His presentation will provide an overview of emerging medical treatments for addiction. This will include an overview of the design and the statistical meaning of double-blind placebo controlled clinical trials for medical interventions in addictions.

He will then review the recent arrival of medication and non-medication treatments for abstinence and craving in addictions, including:

• rTMS for depression, OCD and craving

• Vaping for smoking

• Baclofen for alcohol and for gambling

• Ketamine and Psilocybin for depression

He will reference current medical research in the stated fields with illustrations and graphics.