Sonia Anderson

Sound Healer, UK Addiction Treatment Centres

Sonia Anderson is a Meditation teacher and delivers the following healing elements: Sound Healing; Intuitive Energy Healing; Crystal Healing; Shamanic healing. Sonia creates a beautiful sanctuary where you can come to deeply relax by listening to the wonderful sounds from her crystal singing bowls, Gongs, Tibetan singing bowls, tuning forks, shamanic drum, chimes and rainstick.

Sonia is a Gong / sound practitioner and Meditation teacher who works intuitively and practises in Sound healing, Reiki, Crystal healing, energy healing, spiritual healing, shamanic healing. Her main practise is sound healing which I combine Reiki with Sound. This is a powerful technique designed to help support, release and let go of old habits which creates balance within ourselves. She hosts fortnightly meditation and sound bath, monthly Gong baths and works on regular retreats in England as well as in rehabilitation centres. Sonia is very passionate about what she does.

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