Rachel Russell

Chief Clinical Officer, Freedom Institute

Rachel Russell is Chief Clinical Officer at Freedom Institute, a nonprofit, outpatient recovery centre that has been operating in New York City since 1976. Freedom Institute is a premier provider of intensive outpatient programmeming, serving primarily those from high-achieving communities. Its Family Programme has received broad recognition for its innovative approach to combining systemic family therapy and substance abuse treatment. Under Rachel’s leadership, the Institute has integrated family work into clinical programmeming for substance abuse, from assessment to intensive outpatient treatment, and into its school-based prevention programmeming. Rachel developed an early intervention programme for adolescents who have begun experimenting with substances but do not meet criteria for a substance use disorder, and co-edited a parent handbook (to be published March, 2018) on adolescent social-emotional wellness and prevention of high-risk behaviour. Prior to Freedom Institute, Rachel worked for 15 years in mental health treatment for low-income youth and families.


May 30, 2018 - Video

Families and Substance Use Disorders: a Relational Paradigm in Addiction Treatment

Traditionally, the family component of addiction treatment centres around concepts of “co-dependence” and “boundaries” with a heavy emphasis on...

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