Professor Larry Phillips

Emeritus Professor and Director, Decision Capability Group and LSE (London School of Economics)

Larry is Emeritus Professor at LSE and Director of the Decision Capability Group. He specialises in helping decision makers to analyse complex issues involving uncertainty, risk, and multiple, conflicting objectives. He often works with groups of key players using a problem-solving process called decision conferencing. Larry’s recent research describes the harms from the misuse of psychoactive drugs, opioids and nicotine. His research for the European Medicines Agency and the European Community’s IMI-PROTECT project, established the feasibility and desirability of creating explicit, quantitative models of the bene t-risk of prescription drugs. Larry is now exploring ways to apply that research for the betterment of individual and public health.


Jul 29, 2018 - Video

Improving the Cost-Effectiveness of Addiction Treatment Centres

All addiction treatment centres face the challenge of allocating resources across budget areas to obtain best value for money. This requires a clear...

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