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Prof Dr. Nesrin Dilbaz

Director of the English Psychology department at Üsküdar University and Clinic Director of the Neuropsychiatry Hospital Istanbul

Prof. Dr. Dilbaz is the director of the English Psychology department at Üsküdar University and has been clinic director of the Neuropsychiatry Hospital İstanbul since 2012.Dr Dilbaz is active on the publication advisory boards of approximately fifteen psychiatry and medical journals published in Turkey and has written over one hundred articles, participated in international and domestic books and editorship of scientific books and journals.

She completed her degree in medicine from the Faculty of Medicine at Hacettepe University in 1984 and after two years of compulsory service completed her post graduate degree at the Department of Psychiatry of Anadolu University in 1991 where upon Dr. Dilbaz was appointed as a psychiatrist to the Second Psychiatry Clinic at the Numune Training and Research Hospital in Ankara during the same year. In 1994 Dr. Dilbaz became an Associate Professor and founded the Anxiety and Mood Disorders at the same Clinic. Appointed as Chief at the Second Psychiatry Clinic in 1999 and together with the work she conducted on the extent and treatment of alcohol and substance abuse became the founding President of AMATEM in Ankara in 2004.

In the same year Dr. Dilbaz also undertook the directorship of AMATEM and continues to be the president of the National Anxiety Disorders Congress organized every three years by the Second Psychiatry Clinic of Numune Hospital since 1996. Dr. Dilbaz has held the positions of President at the Schizophrenia Symposium in 1996, the Postgraduate Training Courses on Alcohol and Substance Abuse in 1997 and 2001, the Toward Life Harmony: Mood Disorders Symposium together with Pittsburg University in 2001 and the First National Alcohol and Substance Dependence Congress in 2004.

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