Piet Jansen

Director of International Relations, Yes We Can Youth Clinics

Piet Jansen is the international Relations Director of Yes We Can Youth Clinics (YWCYC), a specialised treatment centre for 13-25 year olds suffering from addictions, behavioural disorders and related behavioural problems.

Asking him about his altruistic nature, he responds: “as we are all connected, helping you ultimately means I help myself. In that sense, I am not altruistic at all. It just makes me happy if I can make even the tiniest bit of difference in the lives of others.”Over the years, YWCYC has successfully treated thousands of 13-25 year olds suffering from complex behavioural disorders, addictions and related behavioural problems with a unique, effective and proven method. During an intensive 10 week residential treatment programmeme and a minimum of 4 weeks residential aftercare, they aim to permanently eliminate destructive patterns resulting from behavioural disorders (ADHD, ADD, ODD, CD), addictions (drug, game or gambling addiction) and/or other specific behavioural problems (fear of failure). Results show that 72% no longer need professional care after having completed the programmeme and many return to daily activities like work or school.

It is their mission to become the turning point in the lives of young people across the globe. Like the phoenix they empower youngsters and their families to rise from the ashes. Or as one of their fellows puts it: “after about 100 different therapies and psychologists, I thought I was beyond repair….I’m 19 now and I enjoy life to the fullest.”

The unique method is based on the principle of positive group dynamics and evidence-based therapies. The expert specialists (coaches, counsellors, psychologists, psychiatrists, nurses, medical staff and support team), available 24/7, ensure a safe environment for fellows to vigorously work on their challenges. To prevent relapse, parents/caretakers are also included in the treatment procedures. When all else fails means they know exactly how it feels to be hopeless and misunderstood. The coaches comfort, counsellors confront, therapists clarify, medics check and case managers control. Up to now the approach satisfied over 93% of their clientele!

Since 2017, YWCYC has also been offering treatment programmes in English at their international private facility located in the Netherlands.


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