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Dr Massimo Barra

Villa Maraini founder and Chairman of the Partnership on Substance Abuse

Massimo Barra was born in Rome in 1947 and graduated cum laude in medicine in 1972. In his life, he always had two priorities he entirely committed himself to: the Red Cross and the treatment of people suffering from drug use disorder. He joined the Red Cross at the early age of 8, and by the years he received several appointments and performed different tasks, until he reached top positions at the national (National President of the Italian Red Cross) and international level (President of the Standing Commission of the Red Cross and Red Crescent). During his office he took part in the main emergency response operations, in peace and war scenarios, in Italy and abroad, including hearthquakes in Belice, Friuli, Irpinia and Haiti and conflicts in Afghanistan (Kabul), Iraq (Baghdad and Nassirya), Lebanon (Beirut) and Palestine (Ramallah). He went on missions in more than 120 countries in all continents, in order to spread a humanitarian policy on drugs. He’s been treating drug users since 1974, for the Municipality at first, and from 1976 in the Villa Maraini centre, founded by himself. He is author of hundreds of articles, speeches and printed publications, prompting for treatment of drug users, to be based on a humanitarian approach. First in the world, Massimo Barra has promoted and implemented the use of Naloxone by non-medical staff, to be applied in case of overdose, saving more than 2.500 patients in the streets of Rome. Furthermore, he attended institutional meetings of the Unite Nations, -taking the floor in New York, Geneva and Vienna- of the European Council, of the European Parliament, and of the national Parliaments of Italy and Brazil. He’s been an alternate board member of the Global Fund. He is currently President of the Partnership on Substance Abuse of Red Cross and Red Crescent, of ERNA (European Red Cross and Red Crescent Network on HIV, AIDS, and Tuberculosis) and Co-President of the Rome Consensus.

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