Massimiliano Frani

Master Pedagogue, Health Music

Massimiliano Frani’s determination to apply music in medicine through rigorous and scalable modalities, is matched by international acclaim for classical recordings, performances and original works for the theatre, opera and motion picture industry.

As Master Pedagogue, he lectures worldwide and has received the 2007 ASCAP Award, among other international awards.

Massimiliano’s activity is converged in Health Music research and development with international institutions for the implementation of music as a didactic and therapeutic tool in Education, Special Education, and Mental Health. He has presented Health Music papers, training sessions and conferences worldwide and is the recipient of the Melvin Jones Humanitarian Award.


May 26, 2019 - Video

Ping! Experiential Modalities in Treating Trauma and Addiction

Dr Massimiliano Frani presenting at iCAAD Lonodon 2019. Health Music is the object of international evaluation for its application within the Mental...

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