John West

Interventionist, Case manager, Sober Companion, Residential Treatment Center Owner

With a career in mental health and addiction treatment spanning 10+ years, John West earned a name for himself as an international alcohol and drug interventionist, sober companion and crisis manager specializing in high profile clients; celebrities, politicians, musicians, scientists, artists and royalty. John’s career started in the world of film and theatre. At 26, his Broadway theatre productions earned 9 Tony nominations, his documentary film Overnight opened the Sundance film festival and John has travelled throughout the world as a Location Manager for the James Bond film franchise, most recently on Spectre in Austria and Skyfall in Turkey.

John founded Sober Companions in 2010 and since then has intervened on 100’s of families. He has worked with and helped guide 500+ family member and their loved ones through mental health, medical, legal and addiction recovery.

He is a trusted resource for countless treatment facilities, and entertainment agencies including and not limited to Cirque Lodge, Caron Ocean Drive, The Meadows, The Camden Center, CAA, SONY Studios, INDEPENDENT Talent, 360 Management, The DGA (The Directors Guild) Sierra Tuscon, PCH, and WME agency to name a few.

Sober Companions consists of over 100 specialized companions comprised of nurses, social workers, doctors, caretakers, teachers, life coaches, nutritionists, trauma yoga specialists, bodyguards and more.

John has trained and certified BRI-I, BRI-II, Breakthrough intervention, CCMI Case manager and CCAR certified coach. His approach to intervention is a combined use of both invitational and Johnson model. He is also a member of NAATP and AIS.

In December 2016, John Co-Founded The Guest House Ocala which is the the world’s leading trauma and addiction treatment center with his partner Judy Crane and her trauma trained staff of clinicians who have worked with 3000+ clients.

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