Jan Gerber

Founder and Managing Director, Paracelsus Recovery

Eng: Jan Gerber is the founder of Paracelsus Recovery, a premier provider of mental health and addiction treatment working primarily with UHNW and celebrity clients and is the clinic’s director. He is a board member on several clinics and healthcare providers in Switzerland and has many years of experience managing addiction treatment and mental health providers as well as medical clinics. Jan’s philosophy regarding healthcare (physical and mental health) is “whatever works best" as he was frustrated by the displayed tunnel vision of many established doctors and treatment providers and common ‘one size fits all’ treatments.

It: Jan è il fondatore e direttore di Paracelsus Recovery a Zurigo, in Svizzera. Paracelsus Recovery è stata fondata nel 2012 come una clinica specialistica che fornisce soluzioni di trattamento discreto eall'avanguardia alle famiglie di prestige e di alto livello, individui e clienti famosi che soffrono di problemi di salute mentale, dipendenze e condizioni mediche croniche, trattando solo un cliente alla volta.


May 26, 2019 - Video

At the Intersection of Mental Health and Wealth – Understanding the Wealthy Client and Their Family

Dr Leon van Huyssteen and Jan Gerber presenting at iCAAD London 2019. As more and more people grow up in significant wealth, understanding the...

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