Gary Bloom

Psychotherapist and Broadcaster, Cognacity & Talksport radio

Gary Bloom is a clinical psychotherapist working at Cognacity’s Harley Street practice. He works one to one with people who are suffering from depression, anxiety, addictive behaviours and relationship issues. Gary is an expert in helping clients deal with intrusive press attention as he has worked for more than twenty-five years in sports broadcasting and understands the stresses of an athlete’s career. Gary currently hosts the award-winning therapy show 'On The Sporting Couch' on talkSPORT Radio and works for a football league club as a psychotherapist. He was the voice of the Football Italia show on Channel Four in the nineties, alongside James Richardson. He holds a post-graduate diploma (PGD) in psychotherapy and counselling and a degree from the University of Wales.


May 23, 2019 - Video

Why Men Can Get Emotional About Sports, But Find it Harder to Access Their Emotions at Home or at Work

Gary Bloom presenting at iCAAD London 2019. Remember the summer of 2018? England reached the semi-finals of the FIFA world cup and suddenly the...

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