Evelyn Callahan

PhD Student, Brunel University London

Evelyn Callahan is a PhD student at Brunel University London in the sociology department studying trans healthcare. They also have a BA in Anthropology from the University of Connecticut where they completed their dissertation on cultural competency in the medical workplace and an MSc from University College London in Medical Anthropology where they studied women’s health and childbirth practices in the village of Bawa, Cameroon. They are currently lecturing at Brunel on the topics of Key Ideas in Media and Qualitative Research Methods and in the past they have taught on the undergraduate Global Communications module. They also frequently give papers at conferences and symposia on topics surrounding sex and gender. Their experience on these topics are not just academic however, Evelyn identifies as queer themselves. They are a non-binary transmasculine person as well as pansexual. They believe this perspective as a trans person studying trans people grants them a deeper understanding and authenticity to their work and allows them to speak on these topics from a place of both academic knowledge and personal experience.

Presented At

iCAAD Online 2020