Dr Nick Hayes

Chief Science Officer, Cumberland Heights

Dr. Hayes is Chief Science Officer at Cumberland Heights. He oversees research and technology related initiatives system-wide. Nick and his teams work on projects that leverage technology applications to improve patient outcomes. His research is focused on investigations examining efficacious treatment protocols, predictive analytics, digital phenotyping, measurement-based practices, and overall substantive effects that behavioural health interventions have on SUD outcomes. His Ph.D. is in Couple, Marriage, and Family Therapy. Nick also has advanced training in quantitative methods, intensive longitudinal monitoring techniques, and systems theory. He holds a faculty position as Adjunct Professor of Psychology at Lipscomb University.


Jan 3, 2020 - Video

The Future of Addiction Treatment

If you are at the Doctor’s for a check-up, what is often the first thing you do after being called into the nurse’s office from the waiting room?...

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iCAAD Online 2020