Dr Maciej Iwanowicz

Counselling Psychologist, Castle Craig Hospital

Dr Maciej Iwanowicz is a Counselling Psychologist (holding an additional masters degrees in Cognitive Neuroscience and Clinical Psychology) with more than a decade of experience working within a variety of addiction and mental health settings. He uses his personal and professional experiences relating to addiction, trauma, depression, anxiety, family issues, as well as psychological, psychotherapeutic and neuro-scientific knowledge to help patients into recovery.

He always puts patients and their individual needs at the forefront of therapy by working collaboratively and flexibly in a safe and non- judgemental environment where they feel heard, understood and supported. He believes that we can’t fit substance abusing patients into one single framework because of the complexity of addiction and the way it combines with other mental health issues and disorders

Presented At

iCAAD Online 2020