Dr Laim Goncaras

GP and Deputy Medical Director , West Kent/ Medway Prisons

Dr Laim Goncaras, MD, MSc, MRCGP, PgDIP (Substance 1+2), PgDIP(MED), PgDIP(PRESCR), PgDIP(DERM)I am a GP with a special interest in Substance misuse, Since my early days as a GP I took an interest in Substance misuse and started providing shared care services for methadone and Subutex detoxes. I was in the steering group for the KCA (agency which started substance misuse services in Kent many moons ago, (they were taken over by Addaction later on).I am also a deputy medical director for West Kent and Medway Prisons and encounter enormous amounts of drug seeking behaviour on patients who are forced to be in abstinence and how they go around it to get high.At the same time I have 2 surgeries in Maidstone and see patients from a completely different angle and how patients manipulate to get drugs on prescription.

Presented At

iCAAD Online 2020