Dr Kurt Mosetter

Co Founder and Developer of Myoreflex Therapy, American National Football Team

A Medical Doctor since 1996 and expert in the concepts of far eastern medicine. Dr Mosetter and his brother Reiner Mosetter created Myoreflex Therapy. A genuine form of manual therapy, for people suffering from pain, stress and trauma. He is supervisor for more than 40 medical practices, working to the rule of the Myoreflex Therapy. He personally teaches classes about his theoretical and practical concept of Neuro-myology based on the dynamics of stress, trauma and Psycho-traumatic stress. He is closely connected to the Institute for Psychology and Psycho-traumatology of the University of Cologne

Today Dr Mosetter researches physiological and biophysical molecular stress, neuro -biochemistry, and the specifics of performance metabolism, the holistic nature of biological events are taken into account, as Myoreflex Therapy is formulated in terms of neuroanatomical, neurophysiological, biochemical and neurochemical descriptions and unites these diverse disciplines into an interconnected network that can be applied in clinical practice. Dr. Mosetter has been supporting several individual professional athletes as well as internationally renowned sports teams.


Jun 29, 2018 - Video

Nutritional Counselling, Neuromuscular Regulation With Myoreflex-Therapy

Dr Mosetter will lead this presentation introducing Myroreflex Therapy (MRT), a regulation therapy that for historical and efficiency reasons takes...

Presented At

iCAAD Online 2020