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Prof. Dr. Judith Landau

Family Neuropsychiatrist, Arise-Network / I.R.I

Judith Landau, MD, DPM, LMFT, CFLE, CIP, CAI, CRS, President and CEO of Linking Human Systems, LLC, and ARISE® Network, and President of LINC Foundation, Inc., is a child, family and community neuropsychiatrist. A former professor of psychiatry and family medicine, she has devoted her career to developing Evidence-Based, Best Practice collaborative care family and community systems and resilience models. She enjoys overcoming challenging patient, family, business and community issues, and unraveling complex systems. Dr. Landau has consulted with addiction and mental health treatment centers, mental health professionals, consultants, organizations and interventionists around the world. Former professor of Psychiatry at the University of Pennsylvania, Psychiatry and Family Medicine at the University of Rochester, and Senior Consultant to the Trauma Studies Programme at NYU and Columbia, Dr. Landau draws upon 50+ years of research and experience aimed at facilitating long-term healing for addicted individuals and their families.

Based on her extensive research into relational resilience, Dr. Landau developed the Evidence-Based, Best-Practice Transitional Family Therapy, the first integrative model of family therapy. She subsequently developed Evidence-Based interventions at individual, family, and community level (coining the term “community resilience”) based on this model. These include: LINC Community Resilience, ARISE Continuing Care with Intervention, a method for engaging and treating addicted individuals and their families, and LIFE, applied to reducing intimate partner violence, STDs/HIV/AIDS, and addiction in inner city and minority women. She took early retirement from her academic position to apply these methods in the “real world.” She has conducted several dozen country and state-wide community interventions, numerous executive and business interventions, and a few thousand individual and family interventions.

Author and co-author of over 200 peer-reviewed publications and books, she has taught in over 100 countries, and trained several thousand trainers, therapists and interventionists in the models. Her ground-breaking book, AIDS, Health and Mental Health, won the international Choice Library award. Dr. Landau has been principle investigator on research conducted through WHO, NIDA, NIAAA, SAMHSA and EAR and has consulted to UN, WHO, NIMH, NIDA, NIAAA, SAMHSA, CDC & P, numerous national and international universities, and several international governments including Argentina, South Africa, Hungary, Brazil, Taiwan, all the countries in the former Yugoslavia (most recently Kosovo), and to a United States Congressional Committee on the prevention of the consequences of mass disaster. She is a frequent consultant to treatment centers, colleagues, clients, families and family businesses around the world.

A Senior Fulbright Visiting Scholar, and Fellow of Orthopsychiatry, Association, AAMFT and NCFR, she is the recipient of awards for AAMFT’s Outstanding Contribution to the Field of Marriage and Family Therapy and AFTA’s Innovative Contribution to Family Therapy. She is past president of the International Family Therapy Association (IFTA) and has served on numerous editorial boards, and national and international association boards. She has been listed in Who’s Who in the World since 1999, in Science and Engineering since 1998, Medicine and Healthcare since 2002, and holds the 2018 Albert Nelson Marquis Lifetime Achievement Award.

Currently recognized as a global addiction and trauma pioneer, Dr. Landau continues to change the future of addiction and its interface with mental and physical health by identifying trauma that spans generations. Her TEDX talk, Family Stories, Secrets and Survival, has become legendary and is one of the most sought-after presentations on the subjects of family resilience, trauma, addiction, and mental health. Steadily working on her long-awaited personal memoir, Dr. Landau continues to be relied upon by the national media as an expert on all stories relating to human behavior. She is also a “Sangoma” or traditional African healer and a member of 4 Winds Indigenous Healers, an organization committed to bridging traditional wisdom and western science.


  • AIDS, Health, And Mental Health: A Primary Sourcebook 2019
  • A Different Ending: Reflections on Living and Dying 2017
  • Invitational Intervention: A Step by Step Guide for Clinicians Helping Families Engage Resistant Substance Abuses in Treatment 2006

It: Judith Landau, MD, DPM, LMFT, CFLE, CIP, CAI è un neuropsichiatra infantile, familiare e di comunità ed ex professore di psichiatria e medicina di famiglia, che ha passato molti anni a studiare la capacità di recupero e superare le avversità. Il Dr. Landau è anche un isangoma o un guaritore tradizionale africano. Ex professore di Psichiatria presso l'Università della Pennsylvania, Psichiatria e medicina di famiglia presso l'Università di Rochester e Senior Consultant del Trauma Studies Programme presso la New York University e la Columbia, il dott. Landau è co-sviluppatore del Continuum ARISE basato sull'evidenza, best practice di cura. Il Dr. Landau si avvale di oltre 40 anni di ricerca ed esperienza volti a facilitare la guarigione a lungo termine per gli individui dipendenti e le loro famiglie.

Autore di oltre 200 pubblicazioni, ha insegnato in più di 100 paesi, ha formato più di 2000 intervistati ARISE certificati, è stato investigatore principale della ricerca condotta attraverso l'OMS, NIDA e NIAAA, SAMHSA e si è consultato con l'ONU, l'OMS, il NIMH, il NIDA, il NIAAA, SAMHSA e diversi governi internazionali.

Senior Fulbright Visiting Fellow e Fellow di Orthopsychiatry, Association, AAMFT e NCFR, ha ricevuto premi per l'eccezionale contributo di AAMFT nel campo del matrimonio e della terapia familiare e il contributo innovativo di AFTA alla terapia familiare.

Attualmente riconosciuto come un pioniere della dipendenza globale e del trauma, il Dr. Landau continua a cambiare il futuro della dipendenza e la sua interfaccia con la salute mentale identificando un trauma che attraversa le generazioni. Il suo recente talk TEDX, Family Stories, Secrets and Survival, è diventato leggendario ed è una delle presentazioni più ambite sui temi della resilienza familiare, del trauma e della dipendenza.

Lavorando costantemente al suo attesissimo libro di memorie, il dottor Landau continua ad essere utilizzato dai media nazionali come esperto di tutte le storie relative al comportamento umano.


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