Dr Andrea Grubb Barthwell

Chief Medical Officer, Treatment Management Company

Dr Andrea Grubb Barthwell, M.D., D.F.A.S.A.M., is the Chief Medical Officer for the Treatment Management Company. Dr Barthwell leads, educates and guides the treatment of our clients through evidence-based, clinical best practices in each of our 31 licensed, facility locations across the nation. She is also the founder and CEO of Two Dreams, a comprehensive wellness centre for the treatment of alcoholism and substance use disorders and the founder and Chief Executive O cer of the Washington, DC-based global health care and policy-consulting rm EMGlobal LLC. Dr Barthwell served as Deputy Director for Demand Reduction in the O ce of National Drug Control Policy (ONDCP) under President George W Bush from 2002 to 2004. In 2003, Dr Barthwell received the Betty Ford Award from the Association for Medical Education and Research in Substance Abuse. In 1997, Dr Barthwell’s peers named her one of the “Best Doctors in America” in addiction medicine.


Jul 1, 2018 - Video

Neuroscience for Non-scientists: the Brain Targets for Medication Development

The American Society of Addiction Medicine (ASAM) defines substance use disorders (SUD) as primary, chronic diseases of brain reward, motivation,...

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