Dean Porterfield

Director of ARCH Academy , Cumberland Heights

Dean Porterfield, LPC-MHSP, NCC

Dean Porterfield currently serves as the Director of ARCH Academy. Dean has been with Cumberland Heights for over 8 years. As the Director he is responsible for day to day operations of ARCH as well as overseeing programme development, staff development, referral relations, research and community outreach/education on teen addiction.

Dean has served as Executive Director of an outdoor therapeutic programme for adolescent’s male for over 10 years. Dean also has served on the Board of Director of NATSAP (National Board of Therapeutic Schools and Programmes), and frequently presents at national, regional and local conferences. Dean is also an approved LPC clinical supervisor.

Dean brings over 18 years experience working with the adolescent population and their families. He believes in a strength-based approach and understands that authentic relationships with the teens and families we serve is paramount for lasting change. Dean is also invested in combining true, tested approaches such as the 12 steps with other evidenced based clinical modalities of intervention to treat not only the substance abuse, but also the underlying struggles that compliment the teen’s self-medicating behaviour.


May 29, 2019 - Video

Meaningful Engagement with the Substance Abusing Adolescent Male

Dean Porterfield presenting at iCAAD London 2019. This presentation will focus on how to best engage adolescent males and young men who suffer from...

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