Chris John


Chris John is a psychotherapist and a man in recovery. He strongly believes life is for living, and to fully experience this we need to become truly relational with ourselves, others and our environment. This means we accept responsibility for our esteem our boundaries and our reality in the world. Recovery does not happen in isolation.

His work with co-dependency gives people the tools to

  • Feel good about the person they see in the mirror every day?
  • Live healthier?
  • Gain new life skills to cope with stress and life’s challenges?
  • Feel respected, appreciated, and understood?
  • Create new, empowering beliefs about who you are and what you deserve in life?
  • Be a part of a support group of loving friends who build you up?
  • Feel grounded, happy, and optimistic about the future?

Recovery is about the wholeness of one’s self, we are relational creatures, we seek out others to be in relationship with. Many people in recovery still find it hard to be relational with others due to the lack of self-esteem (often linked to developmental trauma) We are born in to this world pure. no child is born good or bad, it is the interactions with the world, people it is the interactions with people and the environment that shapes us.

We get stuck and the struggle towards becomes very challenging. We lose the importance of connection and interaction. Recovery is a returning to our essence, our purity of spirit, a return to the essence and an understanding of what we ingest, physically, emotionally, spiritually and through diet impacts us. I wish someone had told me that everything I put into my body at 20 will begin to effect from 30.

We must all become relational with our selves, sort our stuff out so we can live full lives and to be contributing members of our society and even globally.

It’s time to stop hiding in the 'I'm in recovery" and start to live your life fully, become honest with yourself. if you have trauma deal with it, if you do not have trauma speak to me!!

if you have issues around food, exercise, etc… then deal with it, get help & support, find what motivates you and do it. We are designed to move, so let’s get moving. Are you a thoroughbreds or a rhino?

Stop the negative scripts. we all have the power to become the person we want be. you are enough.

Each day we must work on our self-esteem, the clue here is self, we are responsible for this and for our boundaries. If your relationship isn't working look at your part, stop the blame. Are you love addicted, avoidant

There are many success stories about recovery and I champion each of them, however recovery is movement and we need to keep it moving, what isn't working in your life right now and why?

Chris John est psychothérapeute, formateur et conférencier spécialisé dans les traumatismes relationnels. Chris est l’un des principaux spécialistes européens de la réduction des trauma affectifs et travaille sur la co-dépendance, la dépendance amoureuse affective et les problèmes émotionnels de la honte créés par la dynamique de la « famille d’origine » et les traumatismes du développement ou de l’attachement. Chris s’appuie sur ses années d’expérience et une riche combinaison de théories pour offrir des résultats thérapeutiques efficaces aux personnes en prises avec des problèmes relationnels, notamment la dépendance amoureuse et l’évitement, la trahison, les problèmes sexuels, la faible estime de soi, les absences de limites, ou les comportements compulsifs.

Presented At

iCAAD Online 2020