Chris Hill

Author, Addiction Expert and Lived Experience Practitioner

Chris Hill is the award-winner and best-selling author of: Get Your Life Back: The Road to Freedom from Addiction

Chris is an addiction expert and Lived Experience Practitioner who helps people overcome all types of substance addiction such as to nicotine, alcohol and drugs, as well as to addictive activities such as gambling, over-spending and over-eating. His programmeme is also being used for mental health and wellbeing i.e. to manage or eradicate obsessive compulsive behaviour, phobias and other fear-based conditions, eating disorders, anxiety and stress, right up to specific conditions such as Olfactory Syndrome and Selective Mutism.

Chris works with people of all ages and backgrounds - from homeless people, and those will little resources, right through to celebrities and royalty; having recently been invited by HRH Prince of Wales to become the addiction expert for The Prince’s Trust.

Chris campaigns for the de-stigmatising of addiction and mental health needs, striving to create a society that advocates understanding and support of people with addictions and those in need of mental health care; in order to remove barriers caused by stigma and fear to encourage more people to ask for help.

Chris had his own battles with addiction spanning 20 years of his life. He first became addicted to nicotine at the age of seven, progressing to alcohol and drugs later in life. He attended dozens of recovery programmemes, experienced many forms of treatment and medications to stop his addictions but found none of them effective. He then set off on a mission to educate himself about how addictive substances affect the subconscious mind and the body and from that, beat his own addictions and used his experience to develop a method to reverse addiction. Chris has been free of all addictions for over eleven years.

Following the loss of his twin brother to alcohol and drugs in 2014, Chris has made it his life mission to share the knowledge that helped him permanently escape from addiction; with as wide an audience as possible.

Chris also campaigns for better understanding of the truth about added/refined/free sugars and teaches overcoming sugar addiction. He works in a holistic way with people who have eating disorders such as bulimia, anorexia nervosa and overeating; and has had notable success with managing these conditions.

He was awarded the BVSC (Bexley Volunteer Service Council) Award for Services to Health & Wellbeing 2017. He works alongside addiction service Nexus, and is certified to work with the NHS (National Health Service in the UK). MIND have also incorporated Chris’s addiction workshop in to their service offer. Chris works with a number of homeless charities delivering addiction workshops; and offers a drop-in support group, one-to-one support and an intensive programmeme for his own clients.

August 2017, Chris was invited to present his 7-Day Beat Addiction Plan to the research team of Dr Nora Volkow, The Director of NIDA (National Institute of Drug Abuse) at the World Health Institute, in Washington DC.

November 2017 Chris was nominated and reached the finals for two awards (Best Sugar Reduction Campaign & Sugar Hero) at the Sugar Reduction Summit, London; attended by world leaders in the field of food science and food manufacturing.

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