Camilla Kuylenstierna

CAI Invitational Interventionist

Camilla Kuylenstierna is the first and leading CAI Invitational Interventionist in Scandinavia. She established the modern method of interventions in Scandinavia in 2011 and have since performed a substantial number of interventions for families and networks. Camilla engages in interventions within a variety of addictions such as alcohol, drugs, prescription drugs and codependence. Camilla published a personal biography on addiction in 2012 ”Ansvarsfull", rewarded "Eye Opener Of The Year” by Swedens newspaper Business Weekly. She also holds a long and extensive career as ICF coach, specialized in levels such as Executive, Team and Management.

Camilla Kuylenstierna, författare, certifierad ARISE-interventionist och föreläsare är Skandinaviens främsta expert på evidensbaserad intervention.

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iCAAD Online 2020