Billy Moore

Author, A Prayer Before Dawn

Born in Liverpool in 1973, Billy had a difficult upbringing and struggled with addiction. In 2005, wishing to make a fresh start, Billy relocated to Thailand and entered a period of sobriety. However, he eventually relapsed and was arrested and charged by Thai police and sent to Klong Prem prison, the infamous ‘Bangkok Hilton’. Billy witnessed acts of extreme violence and sexual assault. Eventually he found purpose through taking part in Muay Thai tournaments in jail. Here, he found ‘a wall of human community’ amongst the elite boxers and re-gained his sobriety. Ultimately his success as a member of the boxing team at Klong Prem led to his release. Upon release, Billy wrote about his experiences in his book, ‘A Prayer Before Dawn’ which was later adapted for the screen and premiered at The Cannes Film Festival in 2017. Since then, Billy has not only survived cancer, but also gone on to become a potent advocate of boxing and anti-knife crime initiatives in the Liverpool area. He teaches boxing to local youth and appears regularly in the national media. He has now completed his second book, ‘Surrender from the Heart’ which focuses on his traumatic childhood, exploring the background and causes that led to his addictions.


May 21, 2019 - Video

Post-Traumatic Growth: the Role of Fighting Sports in Overcoming Ace (Adverse Childhood Experiences)

An investigation into the tradition of overcoming trauma and poverty by way of traditional fighting sports such as Boxing, Muay Thai & MMA. Boxing...

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