Antony Moss

Professor of Addictive Behaviour Science and Director of Education and Student Experience, School of Applied Science

Professor Antony Moss will be presenting " Matters of the Mind: Mental control and avoidant coping in addictive behaviour" at iCAAD London 2019.

Professor Antony Moss is Professor of Addictive Behaviour Science and Director of Education and Student Experience for the School of Appled Sciences. His research interests focus on the cognitive aspects of addiction and the application of decision theory for understanding the onset, maintenance and offset of addictive behaviours.

Professor Moss - and a pop-up pub lab - feature in BBC 1 documentary 'The Truth about Alcohol' (first screened May 2016).

Professor Moss spent two years working with the Addictive Behaviours Research Group at St George's, University of London before returning to LSBU in 2009, where he had originally studied for both his undergraduate and doctoral qualifications.

Other related research interests include applying basic science and theory into policy contexts for minimising the harms of alcohol and other drug misuse to society, integrating disparate theoretical approaches in addictions research into a coherent model of addiction which has theoretical and clinical implications, and the application of mixed methods approaches in research.


Jul 31, 2019 - Video

Matters of the Mind: Mental Control And Avoidant Coping In Addictive Behavior

The human brain underpins a stunning range of mental activities but is also limited in a number of important ways, which lead to a range of...

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