Annie Ashdown

Coach, Clinical Hypnotherapist, Keynote Speaker and High Level Intuitive

Annie Ashdown has worked as a coach, clinical hypnotherapist, keynote speaker and high level intuitive for 17 years. She is a chosen expert in Psychology’s first branded book, ‘Real Confidence’. Her books include best-selling, ‘The Confidence Factor’, sold in 8 countries, translated in 6 languages. Her third book is due out in 2020. Annie appears in front of several TV programmes, is a guest on BBC Radio and contributes regularly to the press. She travels throughout Europe and the US working with businesses, super successful individuals and Celebrities, taking them to greater levels of success. Annie continually perfects her craft and leads from the front. She qualified as a coach with TCA in 2002 with a distinction and received an academic certificate of competence with NOCN. She qualified as a clinical hypnotherapist Adv, Dip, Hyp, NLP with Dr Terri Laws in 2002. She is also a member of ICF, AOC, GHR, CNHC, BIH and APHP.


May 23, 2019 - Video

The Conflict Conundrum - Navigating Inter-Personal Tensions At Work and in the World Around Us

Rupert Potier and Annie Ashdown presenting at iCAAD London 2019. Conflict in the workplace can be difficult to navigate. How do we approach conflict...

iCAAD Online 2020