Alex Bunting

Director, Inspire Addiction Services & Addiction NI

Alex is the current Director of Inspire Addiction Services & Addiction NI.

Alex has managed addiction support services for over 16 years across Northern Ireland, working primarily in communities impacted by the conflict. Alex is a firm believer in developing approaches that reach people at the point of need and that the person should be at the centre of their own recovery. In recent years Alex has managed projects focused on workplace wellbeing, identifying workplaces as an access point to help prevent and offer support to people impacted by substance misuse. In the past year Alex has supported the development of Northern Irelands first Substance Misuse Courts, which offer treatment pathways to those in the criminal justice system. Alex continues to be a strong advocate on reducing the stigma associated with problematic drug use, ensuring people with substance use issues have their rights protected and receive access to services.

Presented At

iCAAD Online 2020