Alastair Mordey

Programmeme Director, The Cabin

Alastair Mordey is an international addiction counsellor, author, founder and expert speaker, he co-founded and developed the largest treatment centre outside of the USA, The Cabin Chiang Mai. Historically Alastair has worked in the entire range of settings from street outreach and frontline services to the management of residential units. In 2016 Alastair pioneered The Edge, the first rehab in the world to treat addiction and trauma in young men (18–30) by using Muay Thai kickboxing and triathlon training. Alastair and his graduates at The Edge regularly embark on competitive triathlons from Olympic distance to Ironman distance. Alastair writes on addiction for many publications including Tatler, Drink Drug News, CNN and Asian Correspondent.He recently appeared on ABC News in Australia and in the documentary Between the Lines.


Jul 19, 2019 - Video

How Muay Thai & Ju-Jitsu Can Transform Traumatized & Addicted Young Men.

A blog by Alastair Mordey. Muay Thai is Thailand’s traditional martial art. It is often called the art of eight limbs because it uses not just the...


May 21, 2019 - Video

Post-Traumatic Growth: the Role of Fighting Sports in Overcoming Ace (Adverse Childhood Experiences)

An investigation into the tradition of overcoming trauma and poverty by way of traditional fighting sports such as Boxing, Muay Thai & MMA. Boxing...

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