Adela Campbell

Psychodrama Psychotherapist, Addictions Specialist

Adela came to psychodrama from a career as a theatre director. She started her training with Zerka Moreno, the wife and collaborator of the founder of psychodrama - Jacob Moreno. She has been in private practice since 2000, working firstly in the PROMIS clinics and then becoming manager at the Priory North London for the Addiction Treatment Programmemes; including the Adolescent Addictions Programmeme and the Childhood Developmental Trauma Programmeme. It was Adela herself whom introduced psychodrama to the addiction programmeme at the Priory. She is intensely passionate about what she does, bringing deep insight and understanding of the historical work that needs to be focused on with her clients. One of her primary passions is experiential therapy and as well as being a psychodrama psychotherapist has also worked with equine-assisted psychotherapy. Much of the work Adela does focuses on trauma training. Psychodrama is probably the best trauma reduction approach; going back to where something began and relating it to the here and now. She helps clients understand their place in the world, how they can shift their experiences and rewrite their narratives. History is theatre; storytelling is how we teach children. Oral and traditional; storytelling is psychotherapy. She is an expert in relapse prevention through the exploration and treatment of cross addictions; working extensively in the field of workaholism, burnout and self-care. She has also worked psycho-educationally with both teachers and students in various school programmemes. She is a member of both UKCP and BPA.

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iCAAD Online 2020