Mortality rates within the behavioural health treatment space are rapidly increasing and providers career expectancies are dwindling. This presentation examines stressors amongst counsellors, interventionists, milieu staff and other treatment providers. We will address provider burnout, exposure to traumatic incidents, severe mortality increases, inpatient death rates, relapse amongst professionals and best practice treatment modalities for addressing symptomology related to exposure.

Additionally, this presentation will address stigmas surrounding healthcare workers in crisis and barriers to them seeking assistance. Empirical evidence, statistics, research outcomes and personal experience will be interwoven to create a well-rounded and engaging presentation. Ben will provide statistical data regarding mortality rates amongst those with substance use and mental health disorders. All material will dually apply to better treating patients within a Substance Use Disorder (SUD) or Mental Health based treatment setting.

Learning Objectives:

1. Identify burnout, compassion fatigue and trauma activation symptoms within themselves and colleagues.
2. Given information about how to mitigate exposure, manage symptoms and obtain support in the event they are traumatized, relapse or are impaired by grief.
3. How to implement these skills for clients and families they work with, as well as colleagues.
4. Identify their own bias, beliefs and ideas around colleagues in crisis.

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