Therapeutically engaging today’s adolescent male has become increasingly difficult. Common barriers include emotional intelligence, shorter attention spans, detached relationships, increasing rates of depression, anxiety and self-medicating behaviours. This presentation will explore the role that technology could be playing in exacerbating these rates of increased mental illness in adolescents. These presenters will highlight effective therapeutic techniques that have shown to positively increase adolescent growth. Lastly, our presentation will identify both psychosocial and technology related approaches that successfully engage adolescents in therapeutic contexts. Participants should expect to engage in group dialogue and take away actionable information to be implemented into practice.

Learning Objectives:

1. Identify the most common barriers that prevent engagement and connection in treating adolescent males.
2. How to use research to design interventions specifically for the adolescent male that will result in treatment compliance and reduction in symptomatology.
3. How to create assessment tools to measure the effectiveness of interventions, and then use those results to reinforce growth trajectories.
4. Engagement strategies that support adolescent growth and complement existing cultural realities (e.g. technology, social media, popular culture).

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