Integrative care is believed to be a valid touchstone in helping our patients/clients achieve their goals in mental/emotional health and physical wellness. Oriental medical philosophy can be a powerful part of that care.

Understanding the concepts of balance, which will always include the principles of Yin/Yang, is another tool in mental, emotional, physical and spiritual diagnosis.

The concepts of darkness, light, change, and the free flow of magnetism, are a large part of the outside energetics of nature. These energies are an important part in the creation of Qi (i.e. life force).

We are in control of this powerful dynamic by our own life choices.

It is this understanding that allows one to strengthen and enhance one’s physiological make up or ‘constitution’ and to recognise pattern’s in your patients/clients.

The 5 elements -- fire, earth, metal, water, and wood -- show us yet another vital way in which to look at energetics within the body. This inner body dynamic creates its own mental, emotional, and physical ecosystem, which flow together to create who we are in the here and now.

These concepts will be explored in relation to ourselves and to the understanding of our clients/patients. The clarity of Oriental Medical philosophy gives us another way to frame conversations, therapies, meditations, insights, dietary, and specific lifestyle recommendations.

Included will be exercise and breathing modalities best suited to each client’s individual needs.

Learning Objectives:

1. Participants will gain an understanding of the inner workings of Yin/Yang balance, and Qi (life force).
2. Participants will learn the importance of how a balanced lifestyle leads to healthy emotional decisions.
3. Participants will learn how to identify clients’ profiles and guide them to cognitive techniques leading to better balance and empowering growth.

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