Our lives are driven by information and communication technology but while the potential for it to improve the delivery of mental health services has been recognised since the 1950s, the impact is limited so far. Dr McLaren is a pioneer in the field of Telepsychiatry, and he co-authored the first textbook published on Telepsychiatry and e-Mental Health in 2005. He will present the evidence so far on the use of ICT, focusing in particular on the impact of the technology on the therapeutic relationship and discuss the potential for improving services in the future. Dr Mclaren will examine in particular how e-technology and telepsychiatry can improve the measuring of treatment outcomes, and the impact of accessibility and affordability across treatment services.

Learning Objectives:

1. Understand the evidence base for the use of ICT in psychiatry and psychotherapy
2. Understand the scope use of ICT in substance misuse services currently
3. Understand the ways in which the medium of communication could influence psychotherapeutic processes
4. Stimulate thinking about new applications and innovative ways of services delivery in Substance Misuse services through the use of ICT.

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