Recovery peers are a creative and cost-effective solution in providing recovery support and helping individuals and families in building recovery capital. Recovery peers can be utilized for both those coming out of substance use treatment and also those in recovery from mental health diagnoses. Drawing from his experience within MAP's Recovery Support division as well as the Director of Texas Tech's collegiate recovery program, the presenter will outline the power of using peer recovery support specialists, a unique type of recovery professional, in extending the continuum of care, creating meaningful engagement, and building recovery capital.

Learning Objectives
1. Participants will learn the benefits of approaching recovery from substance use disorders as well as mental health from a chronic versus acute model.
2. Participants will understand what peer recovery support professionals are and can do in providing extended recovery support, including research backing their effectiveness.
3. Participants will learn of the various outcomes measures, including engagement, use events, and the building of recovery capital as being powerful tools impacted by peer recovery support.

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