This presentation will identify and explore how the current global climate of social, emotional and political trauma translates into a rise in traumatic and complex grief. The content will reflect on incidents of mass violence, political strife and the explicit and implied losses experienced. This presentation will review diagnostic criteria as well as current trends in treatment.

In our world today, we are struggling to cope with unprecedented violence. political and social unrest. We continue to see a dramatic rise in terror attacks, mass terror, and drug overdoses. Imbedded in these events is the loss of safety and predictability that afford us a sense of wellbeing and peace. This presentation will examine the significant rise in trauma and complex grief and will explore clinical considerations, risk assessments, and strategies to support those in need.

Learning Objectives:

1. The participant will identify diagnostic criteria for complicated grief.
2. The participant will learn to discriminate between uncomplicated grief and complicated grief.
3. The participant will demonstrate an understanding of the interweave between grief and trauma in cases of complex grief.
4. The participant will identify at least three clinical interventions to address complex grief.
5. The participant will identify specific factors that contribute to the rise in complex grief in our world.

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