Date: Monday 4th May
Time: 14:00 - 15:30
Room: Lancaster Suite

Psychedelics (LSD, 'Magic Mushrooms' and others) are becoming a hot topic and more and more patients are likely to ask their therapists about possible applications or access to psychedelic assisted therapy. Psychedelics are also experiencing a renaissance in neurological and clinical research and promise great potential for treating a variety of mental health conditions including treatment-resistant depression and addiction. This presentation will provide an overview of what psychedelics are and how they work, their ancient and more recent history and the current legal situation. There will also be an overview of current research and findings regarding possible therapeutic applications.

Emerging clinical application protocols will be discussed, and reflections on future developments will give a glimpse of a potential not-too-distant paradigm shift in mental health treatment.

The theoretical part of the presentation will be complemented by first-hand accounts of experiences using psychedelics in a controlled therapeutic setting

Learning Objectives:

1. Understand what psychedelics are and how they work.
2. Understand the current situation regarding clinical research, insights resulting from recent studies and their implications on possible major developments in mental health treatment.
3. Learn how psychedelics are currently used in therapeutic settings.

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