This presentation will offer solutions to common challenges in groups based in theatre games and improv as well as creative writing and story. Her own experience as a writer and actor allows Lammers to speak from a creative and innovative perspective. She will illustrate the value of theatre games and improv to create connection, flexibility, optimism, and attunement, group cohesion, and presence. Lammers will define story and will show through creative writing how humans create meaning with narrative and, with guidance and intention, this can be used for empowerment, vision, shame reduction, motivation, and even forgiveness. Both approaches come from a philosophy of play which in essence teaches emotional intelligence.

Lammers proposes that containers such as these provide a way for group participants to grow in the proper direction, regardless of which direction they need to move in, allowing for variation within the group. This gives clients in group the chance to both evaluate from a thinking perspective, from the inside out, with writing, what is happening for them. And through improv games they can feel their feelings and be present in their bodies allowing them to also know themselves from the outside in. Together we will experience how play is actually a valuable tool to inspire change and new directions of thought. By experiencing the exercises themselves participants will gain a clearer understanding of how they might incorporate improv, theatre games, story and creative writing into their group sessions.

Learning Objectives:

1. To experience how improvisation can be used as a means of creating valuable skills for recovery and mental health.
2. To gain an understanding of what story is and does and how this can be used as a therapeutic tool in groups through creative writing.
3. To explore how to create engaging containers that allow a group facilitator to step into a new role and avoid common problems in group.

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