Date: Monday 4th May
Time: 10:45 - 11:45
Room: Lancaster Suite

This talk discusses what it means to work through colour therapeutically. We will explore what it means to experience prejudice, racism, projections in the psychotherapeutic alliance and how these can be therapeutically processed. The importance of experiencing, validating and addressing concepts that society will often shy away from. When working with marginalised individuals however, the work does not stop there, it must also consider their traditions that play a emphasis on family and community. The aim of this talk is to get us thinking about these concepts whilst addressing our own stigmas when we think of colour.

This presentation will draw on politics and narratives of otherness, with a special focus on clients from the MENA region.

Although this can be, to some extent, rolled out to better understand the experience of marginalised groups, it is imperative that it is not seen so exclusively. Each subgroup bring a unique piece that further influences their experience of discrimination and otherness. This presentation aims to support professionals with feeling more comfortable with naming and addressing inequalities.

Examples of these experiences will be demonstrated through a series of case studies. Case studies are anonymised, and some may have additions for the purposes of illustrating examples of working through otherness.

Learning Objectives:

1. Understanding the experience of exclusion.
2. Learning a therapeutic approach when it comes to marginalised clients.
3. Becoming more comfortable with working through stigma.

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4-6 May 2020