Combining the latest music, neuroscience, and music therapy research with positive and social psychology, Tim has synthesized his evidence-based practice of using music to help thousands of clients for more than a decade into this fun and enlightening presentation. By sharing not only his clinical experience but his own recovery journey, Tim paints a compassionate and hopeful approach to addiction and recovery that includes both work AND play through music.

In this interactive and experiential presentation, you will learn why music is not only effective but efficient at helping a person stay S.O.B.E.R., which stands for Stay present, Open up, Be creative, Escape Stressors, and Reconnect. You will learn how you are wired to experience and make music. Tim dispels the myths in our culture surrounding music and talent and makes engaging with music seem completely approachable for ANYONE.

You’ll learn why music is a vital tool for anyone looking to break the chains of addiction, and you’ll feel empowered to engage in the four pathways of music on a daily basis for either your self-care, or as a tool in your clinical toolkit.

Learning Objectives:

1. Participants will learn 5 clinical outcomes music therapy successfully addresses.
2. Participants will learn 4 ways to engage with music to affect clinical outcomes.
3. Participants will learn key physiological responses to music that promote positive clinical outcomes.

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