Relational Trauma Repair (RTR) is a series of experiential, relational processes used for exploring personal and interpersonal issues. RTR is based on the theory of psychodrama, sociometry and group therapy and integrated with current research on trauma, grief, neurobiology and post traumatic growth.

Traumatic memory tends to remain hidden or lodged in the body and when triggered it gets projected onto whatever triggered it. Growing up with addiction or adverse childhood experiences such as abuse or neglect leaves a mark on the mind/body. The pain associated with these early experiences tends to get played out unconsciously in adult relationships which act as triggers for hidden pain; the intense feelings of vulnerability and dependency that accompany intimacy trigger our early experiences of intimacy and closeness.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Learn how to relate through the mind/body experience of connection or disconnection and we heal similarly. Letting the body find the right words, to express the right feelings once they are triggered to the surface of our consciousness, creates a path towards emotional literacy and emotional sobriety. It opens a door to healing the kind of historical trauma that may be getting confused with and played out in today’s relationships.

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