Date: Monday 4th May
Time: 14:00 - 15:30
Room: Albert Suite

Fifty percent of transgender young people will attempt suicide at least once before their twentieth birthday. Addiction amongst trans and non-binary youth are not easily assessed, however amongst LGBTQ young people it is known that rates of addiction are significantly higher than that of their straight and cisgender peers. Minority stress, stigma, and bullying are main causes for higher rates of addiction, anxiety, and depression.

As professionals, we need to create a space for understanding and safety within our walls of our facilities for these youths. This workshop will help professionals grasp terms, ideas, and situation that trans & non-binary youth are experiencing today.

Participants will be able to assess their own practices as it relates to transgender young people and be able to take with them an overarching understanding of the coming out process. Discussions will include policy & paperwork, talking to parents, creating safety within the group process, and how to effectively be an ally to trans and gender expansive youth. This workshop is experiential by nature.

Learning Objectives:

1. Discuss and describe the coming out process to their youths.
2. Evaluate and assess their own practice/approach as it relates to trans youths.
3. Learn to integrate skills into their practices/workplace with their youths.

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4-6 May 2020